Community at Franklin Park Foundation & Donations

You can support us with a gift today or a future gift, by donating to one of the following areas:

Campus Development

Campus DevelopmentThe Community at Franklin Park creates a healthy Christian community that empowers older adults. Currently the Community at Franklin Park is engaged in the renovation and expansion in the community. Your donation will help us to make even more campus improvements to enhance the lives of the people we serve. For more information about specific projects, click here.

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Community at Franklin Park Mission Legacy Fund

Mission Legacy FundThe purpose of the Mission Legacy Fund is to sustain The Community at Franklin Park's legacy of support for the physical, mental and spiritual health of individual experiencing difficulty in providing for their own well being. For more information about the Mission Legacy Fund, click here.

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The Harold W. Kleinpaste Nursing Scholarship

Nursing ScholarshipThe scholarship provides assistance to current Community at Franklin Park employees in their pursuit of education in the field of nursing. For more information about the scholarship and past recipients, click here.

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Memorial Donations

Memorial DonationsFor more information about making a memorial donation to The Community at Franklin Park in honor of your loved one, click here.

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Other Ways to Give

DonationsYou can also make a gift or donation to The Community at Franklin Park's general fund. Learn more.

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Planned Giving

Planned GivingBuild your legacy and make a planned gift to The Community at Franklin Park and ABHM. Your support will help ensure our mission endures. Learn more.

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