Harold W. Kleinpaste Nursing Scholarship

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About The Scholarship

The Harold W. Kleinpaste Nursing Scholarship was established to provide assistance to current Community at Franklin Park employees in their pursuit of education in the field of nursing. This program allocates funds to students for academic fees, course materials, books certifications/licensure and more.

The scholarship is awarded annually to an eligible staff member and grants up to $1,500 per semester.

Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Harold W. Kleinpaste Nursing Scholarship recipient: Megan Romero

Megan's Bio: My career at Franklin Park began when I moved to Colorado to go to college. I was fortunate to be hired on as the weekend receptionist shortly after relocating. I spent four years in this role. Right before graduating I applied for a job as a ward clerk and was transitioned from part-time weekend receptionist to full-time team member. Being a ward clerk came with the added bonus of working every other weekend in activities. It gave me the chance to work with and interact with our residents in a way I never had before. I spent another four years at Franklin Park in this capacity. In early 2011 my supervisor became ill and had to resign his position as HIM. I applied for the position and was promoted to Health Information Manager. Over the course of the next year, I managed this department and also helped with admissions and the business office when both of those departments had open positions. When I started classes at the University of Colorado College of Nursing in June of 2012, I changed from being a full time employee to part-time, working once again as the weekend receptionist. I was asked to assist with payroll and human resources starting in October of 2012. Beginning in February 2013 my main focus became payroll and human resources.. I now juggle being a team leader with being a full-time student.